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About Us (continued)

Clare Iacobelli, Former Partner and Chief Financial Officer of e-Clarity (research) is also the President and Founder of e-Clarity LLC Photos (a division of e-Clarity LLC), which provides high quality, royalty free and rights-managed photographs, digital prints and books of art & poetry to businesses and individuals.  Clare's background is in teaching.  As an Assistant Professor at The George Washington University, she taught and developed courses in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for graduate and undergraduate students in all disciplines.  This included several business English courses for executives and MBA students. She served on and chaired various committees and subcommittees in the EFL Department, and has been a presenter at national and international conferences. 

Clare has also served as Assistant Director of EFL with various administrative duties such as coordinating admissions, placement testing, faculty/staff orientation, and special programs. Her publications and academic research are in business English, materials for textbook on American film, copyright laws pertaining to the fair use of films for educational purposes, and Internet sources for academic research.

Prior to George Washington University, Clare taught at Wayne State University, the University of Michigan and Georgetown University. She holds a Master of Science degree from Georgetown University, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Arts from Wayne State University. She is a frequent university consultant on curriculum, testing, and placement and has developed and taught courses for the English, Italian and French languages.  To email Clare, click here.



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