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Research Case Studies

Case #1:  Competitive Research Gets Exceptional Results...A start-up business wanted to have information on competitors in the their industry. A list of competitors was found that enabled our client to choose a location and product line that was not offered by other companies. Additionally, a pricing structure was created to be best-in-class and the company became profitable shortly after opening the business, months in advance of projections.

Case #2:  Market Research Opens New Opportunities...Client first wanted to know who the competitors were in online sales in their industry. After a list of competitors was generated, the client discovered that they could effectively market to many of the identified competitors and create affiliate programs that were highly lucrative. Additional research found many more likely prospects and joint venture opportunities in similar industries.

As a result of the research, client expanded their business lines and began marketing to several previously unidentified sales channels. The original marketing plan quadrupled, and the resultant marketing program was highly profitable.

Case #3:  Franchise Due Diligence finds Surprises...Client was about to invest substantially into a franchise that had provided slick marketing materials, testimonials, a highly sophisticated presentation, and a dazzling web site. Even their ratings with the Better Business Bureau in several states showed that they were well rated.

Research found that the company had misstated their expected profits, and the company had been sued by several unhappy clients. Deep research found one of the principals had been involved in a failed franchise scheme in another part of the country many years earlier which had created huge losses for investors and was following much the same pattern as the new franchise. Client was able to select another, more worthy franchise that had a proven track record, thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential losses.

Case #4:   Win-Win in High Stakes Asset Search...Our client bank agonized about whether to foreclose on overdue loans on a prominent developer who was severely leveraged on all known properties. The developer was a long time bank customer and other area banks were calling due loans and initiating foreclosure.  Meanwhile, the press forecasted that the developer was going bankrupt.

Investigation revealed properties owned by the developer in another state which were previously unknown and had no mortgages or liens.  The value of these properties was equal to the amount owed to the bank.  In view of the hidden assets, undisclosed by the developer, the bank allowed the developer additional time and more favorable terms to pay down his debt. The resultant good-will generated by the bank's assistance helped restore the developer's leading position in the industry and he once again became highly profitable, creating a very lucrative, exclusive and long lasting relationship for our client.

Case #5:  Rival becomes Strategic Partner...After learning that a rival association was gaining donors from client's own membership roles, we were asked to discreetly determine if someone inside our client's organization may have been leaking the names of members. As the new association was unknown, we found from their state newspapers and journals that they were engaged in numerous high-level initiatives in their industry with highly innovative ideas for financing and actualizing industry-related projects.

After finding that members or our client's association had been drawn to the new association due to their highly successful programs, our client developed a strategic partnership with the association and together the two organizations were able to bring substantial added value to both of their memberships.

Soon after the partnership was created, client's membership roles began to increase as members who had left began to return. Both organizations benefited and collectively were able to spearhead legislation, funding, awareness and vast improvement in their industry at the local and national level.

Case #6:  Fact Checking Saves Embarrassment...A leading company was considering hiring an attorney to represent them in a high profile position. All references came back with glowing recommendations, but client wanted to make certain that the attorney's background would not embarrass them.

A check with archived records found that the attorney had been previously involved with a company whose business practices were problematic. It was discovered that the company in which the attorney had been a principal player, was involved in many civil cases that centered around unethical and near-fraudulent business practices of which he was a key player and decision maker.

After learning of the information, client declined to hire the attorney.  This saved them from potential embarrassment, damage to their national image, and future personnel problems that could have played out on the national stage.

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