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e-Books: 30 Day Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied

We understand that some buyers of e-books or e-pages could be dissatisfied with their purchase and may wish to return the product for a refund of the original purchase price. We rely on the honesty of the individual buyer and we will refund their money upon request. We simply ask that the buyer tell us the reason for their return so that we can improve our products.

A refund under this guarantee provides a return of the principal amount of payment for any works purchased by the buyer within thirty (30) days of the receipt of purchase. This guarantee does not include return shipping and handling charges, if any.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to return any print product or Compact Disc (CD) to the offices of e-Clarity LLC, 4515 14th Avenue, SE, Naples, FL 34117 within thirty (30) days of their receipt of said product. The buyer assumes all costs incurred in returning the material to e-Clarity LLC. The material must be returned in good condition and free of damage caused by neglect or carelessness.

If the purchased item is an electronic file, the original file transmission must be immediately and completely deleted from any computer to which it was copied, and any printed copies made by the buyer must be destroyed. The buyer must authenticate this destruction by notifying e-Clarity LLC at our offices at 4515 14th Avenue, SE, Naples, FL 34117, or by email to Email notification must be sent from the buyer's email address and written notification must contain the actual signature of the buyer. Such notification must state that the referenced file has been deleted completely, is no longer in their possession and has not been distributed.

The purchased work must not be copied, reproduced, or otherwise disseminated at any time while in the possession of the buyer. These works are protected under copyright laws, Title 17, U.S. Code and International treaty and any violation of copyright protection could be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Upon receipt of returned material or notification that such material has been deleted as indicated above, e-Clarity LLC will refund the amount of the purchase price paid at the time of delivery within five (5) business days or sooner if possible.



e-Clarity LLC

4515 14th Avenue, SE

Naples, FL 34117

USA (239) 821-4575


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