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Research, Information and Publication Services

e-Clarity is a research and information company based in Naples, Florida USA.  The company also publishes e-books and books in print.

Our services include:

  • research of companies

  • credential verification and fact-checking

  • public records research

  • publication of e-books and books in print

  • newspaper, magazine, and periodical retrieval

  • event, issue or legislative tracking

  • competitive analysis and monitoring

  • career transition research

  • nonprofit research

Information Solves Problems

Having the best information gives you the power to increase your profits, the knowledge to improve the way you do business, and the insight to deliver top-notch customer service.  We help you keep pace with the competition, analyze and capitalize on the latest events, and discover the best practices in your industry.  See our Case Studies for more information. 

e-Clarity publishes e-books on nonprofit management, fundraising and research.  We also publish books of artwork and photography from our sister company Photos and Beyond.   

Harness the Power of Information now by contacting us for an evaluation of your information needs.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is our top priority.  Please see our client testimonials for more information.

Visit our Web Log, "Thorough Research" for ways to improve your research skills.

e-Clarity LLC

4515 14th Avenue, SE

Naples, FL 34117

USA (239) 821-4575


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