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Simple Needs Assessment

A Simple Needs Assessment examines the current situation ("what is now") and determines what is needed to achieve desired results ("what we want in the future").  It is important in this step to know exactly what each objective is and to examine the ramifications (outcomes and probabilities) of any proposed solutions.

The initial step is to check the current realities and compare these against expected standards. This step reviews the present state of operations and also examines goals, objectives, and internal and external forces around the situation under review. 

The next step is to establish the necessary conditions for success.  What is the desired outcome?  What is required for that outcome to become a reality?  What research is needed to achieve the goals?  What must be found in order to reach the objectives?  What will be considered a success?  What impact will that success have on the organization and individual? 

What sometimes happens as information is developed is that the needs of the organization will change.  Information is a commodity and can expire if not used properly or in a timely fashion.  As situations develop and evolve, the needs and questions can change.  e-Clarity builds in safeguards to this phenomenon by completing the research in increments so that needs can be adjusted to new information.

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