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Nonprofit Training

e-Clarity's highly respected training manual, Nonprofit Board Development and In-Service Training - Facilitator's Manual, written by nonprofit expert Raymond Pisney, is now available as an e-book.

Training is crucial to the success of organizations.  The more informed, aware, and trained the participants, the better the performance.  Nonprofits are well served to embark on a continuous training agenda for employees, volunteers and board members.  Evolution of human resources is the key to success and insures confidence in the organization by the public, staff and board.  Training will insure the evolution and improvement of the nonprofit on an continuous basis.  


e-Clarity provides the links below as a public service and does not necessarily endorse ideas expressed on the web pages, and cannot confirm the accuracy of the information provided on any of the sites.

Idealist dot org's Nonprofit Management Resources

Management Assistance Program overview of training & development

Techsoup training page

ASAE articles and whitepapers

Association for Fundraising Professionals Resource Center

About Charity's nonprofit training pages



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