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Nonprofit Board Development and In-Service Training:  Facilitator's Manual

This is the complete "how to" manual for the professional development of the nonprofit Board of Directors, written by acclaimed nonprofit consultant Raymond Pisney. This expert facilitator's manual guides the nonprofit in identifying, selecting, recruiting and training the right Board members for their mission and vision.  The manual helps the nonprofit outline their best strategy and pathway to the operational and funding requirements they will need in the years ahead.

From examining and crafting the corporate culture, through identifying where the organization wants to be, selecting the best Board members to complete the role, to logical and innovative steps to bring results, the Facilitator's Manual is a source for all the best approaches and how to attain them.

"The Facilitator's Manual helped us triple in size in four years, making a transformation from a local to a national nonprofit service organization. We did it perfectly with the help of Ray Pisney's manual."  Executive Director of National Training Nonprofit

"This is the one thing that you have got to have if you want to get organized, create a strategic plan, and carry out everything you dreamed of. Raymond Pisney has done a superb job with the essential manual for the nonprofit." Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of International Service Corp

"This is the defining guide. It works! This is a masterpiece and should be on the bookshelf of every nonprofit in America!" Board Member, U.S. Research Nonprofit

Written by nonprofit expert Raymond Pisney, all publications are backed by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

To order in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat): (scroll down for print format) 


Item Name: Facilitators Manual
Item Number: NBDT-FM pdf
Price: $16.95

30 Day Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Availability: Usually sent via email within 1 business day.  Product detail: 45 pages, PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).  Requires Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher to view.

For a free download of Adobe Reader visit

To order in Print format:          

$19.95 & $5 shipping/handling

Item Name: Facilitators Manual - print
Item Number: NBDT-FM print
Price: $24.95

Product detail: Usually sent Priority Mail within 36 hours of order or sooner. 45 pages, 8" x 11", contained in loose-leaf binder.

Table of Contents

I     How to Understand the "Corporate Culture" of Your Nonprofit
II    Typical Functions of Nonprofit Boards, Their Key Roles and Responsibilities, Best
III   Strategic Planning, Specifically Defining the Mission-Driven Organization
IV   Legal Concerns and Constraints Guiding the Actions of Nonprofit Boards
V    Policy Making - Organization and Effective Operation of the Board as an Oversight
VI   Recruit Committed and Active Board Members
VII  Role and Responsibilities of the Board Chairperson
VIII The Board's Role in Advocacy (Community Outreach), Public Relations and Communications
IX   Funding - Fundraising is a Paramount Function for All Nonprofit Boards
X   The "Delegated Functions" of General Management and the Day-to-Day Operations of the Programs of the Nonprofit Organization

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