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Case Studies in Nonprofit Funding:  For Profit Ventures

This is the complete instruction for the nonprofit in setting up for-profit ventures of various types of businesses. The guide includes how to identify business opportunities, recognizing the financial potentials of differing types of ventures, and preparing an action plan that will successfully launch the operation. This excellent guide provides a step-by-step complete instruction in how to first detail and plan out the operation, analyze the market, evaluate the customer base, examine the competition, review the pitfalls and advantages, project earnings and revenues, how to set up for-profit ventures, and how to prepare a road map to a profitable business enterprise.

Included in the instruction are sections on market segmentation, product placement, pricing and promotion and much, much more. The guide provides everything needed to successfully plan, create, organize, launch and operate a lucrative business enterprise. The information and analysis can also be brought to focus on the nonprofit itself, providing tools to help increase revenues and decrease operating expense. The manual is written by nonprofit expert Raymond Pisney.

All publications are backed by an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

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Item Number: CSNF-ForProfit-pdf
Price: $13.95

30 Day Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  Availability: Usually sent via email within 1 business day.  Product detail: 29 pages, PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).   Requires Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher to view.

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Item Name: CSNF: ForProfit-print
Item Number: CSNF-ForProfit-print
Price: $21.95

Product detail: Usually sent Priority Mail within 48 hours of order. 29 pages, 8˝" x 11", contained in loose-leaf binder.

Table of Contents

I     Executive Summary
II    Company Background
III   Programs/Products Overview
IV  Services Overview
V   The Industry, Competition and Market
VI   Market Planning
VII  Operating Plan
VIII Management, Organization and Ownership
IX  Goals and Strategies
X  Financial Assumptions

A. The Nonprofit Charity’s and the For Profit Venture’s Brochures
B. SWOT Analysis
C. Marketing Plan
D. Financial Spreadsheets:
Pro Forma Revenue Worksheet
Pro Forma Costs Worksheet
Pro Forma For Three Years



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