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Career Research

A major part of career transition is research.  Most of the time a job seeker is at the mercy of those who advertise jobs or seek employers.  We provide the assistance that the candidate needs to take control of the process and find the company they want to work for, in the area they wish to live, and doing what they are best suited for.  Please see our Career section for publications to aid in career management or job search.

Our career research covers several areas:

  • target list of companies in the candidate's area of residence
  • specific information on companies, industries, markets and competitors that are best suited to the candidate's qualifications and wishes
  • screening of Internet job postings in the geographical and occupational areas
  • specific information on company principals or those the candidate will be interviewing with
  • information on a candidate's choice company that can determine the internal and external forces effecting the company, and how the candidate's skills can be brought to assist the company
  • name, location and capabilities of the competitors of candidate's choice company, enabling evaluations and discussions of how the candidate is best suited to help the choice company against it's competitors

Very few people are good at job searching. Hiring a Career Coach or Career Management firm can be a very good investment considering the lifetime of your career span and the amount of money involved. We caution you to first check the reputation of any such company with the Better Business Bureau, professional associations, and general search engines before engaging their services.

For information on researching companies for potential employment, visit Career Builder's article:  Research Strategies and Resources to Drive Job Search Success.

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