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Internet Competitive Evaluation (ICE)

Discover the competitive edge that information can give you!

The ICE Program includes any or all of the following target areas for competitors:

  • Search Engine standings in major Search Engines

  • Campaign keywords used by competitor

  • Search Engine advertising in major keywords

  • Finding sites linking to competitor

  • Tracking competitor web site 24/7 and periodic examination of competitorís affiliates or strategic partners

  • Monitor keywords and descriptor tags for any relevant activity

  • Identifying and monitoring top industry web sites, experts, Web Logs, Social Sites, etc., for competitor popularity and advertising or other use of Internet

  • Monitor deep web/invisible web sites for any competitor activity

  • Regular review of specialist directories, gateways and portals

  • Research alerts to any competitor products and services

  • Review and monitor patents & trademarks

  • Watch competitorís reputation and input on List Serve, Bulletin Boards and Chat Rooms

  • Reputation assurance on complete web

  • Overall industry developments watched via periodic news database research, media monitoring and regular examination of expert and industry sites

The ICE program is the legitimate monitoring of Internet activities.  Information is not collected from Internet Service Providers who might sell statistical or user data to competitors, or who might offer secret monitoring of their own client web sites without the client's knowledge or consent.  All competitive information is obtained from open sources and conforms to the standards of conduct of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

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