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Internet Competitive Evaluation (ICE)

This special service monitors Internet marketing and optimization programs of competitors, and is customized to client needs . The program is designed to give the competitive edge to clients by:

  • Locating and tracking competitors, identifying competitive brands and keywords used in marketing on the Internet

  • Benchmarking industry performance

  • Analyzing competitor advertising and marketing activities

  • Measuring search optimization campaigns (yours and your competitors')

  • Finding successful web strategies

  • Establishing competitor collaborations and locating potential partnerships

  • Identifying competitor strengths and weaknesses

  • Clarifying threats and opportunities

The ICE program helps clarify what opposing competitive forces exist in the marketplace, who they are and what their capabilities are.  The information helps companies respond quickly to threats and gives them a significant advantage in designing winning strategies.  ICE gives the information needed to save money, increase profits and streamline operations.

Click here to learn more about our ICE program, or contact us for more information.

NOTE:  We do not conduct this service for any companies that are direct competitors of our existing clients, or where the information being sought could make them a potential competitor of our clients.  Our services conform to the highest ethical standards of the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Independent Information Professionals.

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