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Public Records

Access to public records in the United States varies by state and jurisdiction. Usually, these records are available for a reasonable fee and can be obtained with little delay.  Access to records in foreign countries depends on the country and type of records being sought (contact us for more details).

Public records available through our services include the following:

  • automobile, aircraft and boat registration
  • bankruptcy records and limited assets reports
  • birth and death records
  • business and corporation records
  • business credit reports
  • civil, criminal and traffic court records (federal, state and county)
  • county records (professional, personal and commercial; liens; property; voter registration)
  • federal courts including tax court; commerce; district, appeals and U.S. supreme court
  • locate records (databases and repositories to locate people or businesses)
  • neighborhood report
  • social security verification
  • Stock Ownership 
  • UCC (Uniform Commercial Code Records)

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See our Research Case Histories for more information.

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