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Research Plan (approximate)              

Scope of the Problem (s)

Describe the problem in full detail.  How does the problem impact the organization?  What are the business, social and economic implications of the problem?  What are the losses and negative consequences to the organization?

Previous Efforts to Resolve the Problem (s)

What has already been done?  What were the results?  Why?  What could have been done to minimize problems and failures?  What could have been done to maximize benefits and successes?

Specific Objectives

What is intended?  Why is it important?  What is the best result that can be expected?  What are the worst consequences that might occur?  Do any elements of the research have to be completed within a specific time limit?  Are all objectives attainable within the required timeframe?

Preliminary Research (Evaluation)

What is available, not immediately available and unknowable?  What must be found to succeed?  Can the information needed be found and can the unavailable information  be uncovered?  What impact does the unknowable have?  How can the inherent risks of the unknowable be minimized?

Research Design and Methods

How will research be conducted and what methods will be used (i.e. open and direct or closed and indirect; Internet search, telephone research, personal interviews, library review, database query, access special collections, etc.)?  Are there any novel approaches or untested processes being used?  Are there alternative approaches to the methodology?  Who else might be asking the same questions and what have they found?  Where are the major subject matter experts in the area being researched?  What is the timetable?  What are the implications of the research findings internally and externally?  How will the research be controlled?  Do implications from the research extend beyond the immediate objectives?  What are the standards for completion of the research? 

Critical Points in Fact Finding

How will the information ultimately be used or implemented?  Who has access to the information during the research and why?  What are the moral, ethical and practical implications of the research results?  How does the research impact public relations, employee morale and investor confidence?  Are there any special steps that must be taken to comply with the needs and policies of the organization?  At what point in the research should a review of the findings be made to adjust to what is being discovered?  Are outside collaborations necessary to attain the objectives?  What are the impacts and potential ramifications of such collaborations?  What areas of the process pose the most risks?


What is considered a success?  How will this be measured?  What new goals, objectives and strategies are now possible when the research results are translated into action?

We recommend that you use professional research services to discover the information you need.  The stakes are high in finding the answers for your particular needs and it is best to have professional, impartial, disinterested persons gathering the facts.  Your profits, reputation and future are at stake.  

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