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The Research Process

Research can help you in many ways from finding best practices, examining the state of your industry, monitoring important developments, locating details on your competitors, to getting the information you need to make the best decisions. 

Before retaining a research firm, make sure you know they are qualified and that you understand how they will conduct the research and bill for services.  Research can be very expensive, so we recommend that you build in safeguards to know what costs are being incurred. 

Here is how e-Clarity LLC conducts research projects:

  • At the beginning of all discussions, a Confidentiality Agreement is provided to the client.  This insures that all information remains private at all times. 

  • Once discussions begin about the matter needing research, a Simple Needs Assessment is made to establish the most valuable information. 

  • When this is completed, a Research Plan approved by the client is created to obtain the information. 

  • When the contract is signed then work begins.  In more complex assignments, or upon request, a Statement of Work is issued to identify exactly what will be achieved, when and at what cost.

Normally, a fixed amount of work is authorized and results are discussed when that is completed.  At that time the client determines what additional work should be conducted.  Since the situation or objectives can change as information is developed, the discussion and review helps insure the best outcomes and builds in flexibility that responds to new information. 

Our clients make better decisions and can act more effectively in the marketplace because they have the right information. We find the facts needed to achieve exceptional performance. 

e-Clarity LLC is a member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals and conducts all business with the highest degree of professionalism.  When new clients are accepted, their objectives become our top priority.  We strive for continuously outstanding customer service. Click here to see testimonials from our clients.

Contact us now to find out how research can improve your bottom line.


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