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Sample Statement of Work


(This describes the organization for which the research is to be performed, objectives of the research and special requirements pertinent to the information.)


(This describes the range and limits of the requested services, the targets of evaluation, the level of effort to be performed and deliverables.)


(This provides the following tasks: Initial meeting and evaluation of project; detailed description of tasks to be performed; cost for each task; milestones; deliverable dates; format for delivery; points of contact and frequency of contacts; cost limitations; procedures for altering original task performance requirements; payment methods and payment deadlines.)

Delivery Schedule

(Describes the task, draft and final due date, recipient, and procedures for increasing or reducing the task project requirements based on findings as they occur.)

Deliverables must be provided on the dates specified in the proposal. Any changes to the delivery date must have prior approval (in writing) by a designated customer/client contract official.

All deliverables must be submitted in a format approved by the customer/client contract official. At a minimum, the deliverable must be in an industry standard format - unless otherwise stipulated.

If the deliverable cannot be provided within the scheduled time frame, the service provider must contact the customer/client contractor official in writing with a reason for the delay and the proposed revised schedule. The request for a revised schedule must include the impact on related tasks and the overall project.

A request for a revised schedule must be reviewed and approved by the customer/client contact before being placed in effect.

Reports and Meetings

(This describes reporting dates and meetings, progress reports and status reports, identification of delays or cost overruns and obtaining approval for such.)

The provider is required to provide the customer/client with monthly written progress reports due by the close of business on the last workday of the end of each calendar month throughout the project.

The progress reports shall cover all work performed and completed during the month for which the progress report is provided and describe the work to be performed during the subsequent month.

The progress report shall identify any problems encountered or still outstanding with an explanation of the cause and resolution of the problem or how the problem can be expected to be resolved.

Period of Service

(This describes the expected lifespan of the project, milestones, and duration of mandatory tasks to be performed.)

Client Furnished Information

Client will provide all information available to them concerning the project, including that considered proprietary or confidential. Service performed will include a confidentiality clause and non-disclosure clause with established rules of conduct. Client agrees to provide access to appropriate personnel necessary to fulfill the contract requirements.

Final Report

All final reports are the property of the customer/client and cannot be reproduced or distributed at any time by the service provider unless otherwise specified. Any information contained in the final product, which is not public information may not be provided to any third party without the express written permission of the customer/client or their legal representative.


Customer/client agrees to the following charges:

Not to exceed:_______________

Customer/client agrees to the following expenses:

Not to exceed:_______________

Any changes to the above fees for services must be approved in writing by the customer/client representative prior to incurring such additional fees.

All costs and expenses, as approved, are due upon receipt of final report.


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