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"Randy Guffey provides the competency to find out anything about an organization.  His knowledge of public records is vast.  He is always unfailingly gracious and willing to take the time to help even when he is contending with many other priorities."   National Association Vice President

"Many thanks to Randy, the Wizard of the Web, who helped me achieve success and provided close collaboration in solving a number of complex questions."  Executive Director, Medical Association

Because we protect the identity of our clients at all times, we do not reveal the names of authors except under special conditions (see below).  More testimonials and references are available upon request.

"I want to commend you for being a superlative instructor and for the expert research you provided on several companies.  Your services were professional and exemplary."  International Consulting Company Senior Vice President

"Thank you for the support and the outstanding materials you gathered to answer my research questions.  Your ethical and caring approach was outstanding and I thank you for your support."  Director of Client Services for National Consulting firm

"Randy Guffey recently demonstrated some of his many skills when I asked him to locate someone. He found the person within a few days, with minimal cost and everything was done very discreetly and professionally.  He is one of the best in the information business and I recommend him for anyone trying to find the facts."   Small business Executive.

"The information you provided is truly a prized possession.  This is truly a quality service and represents an invaluable resource.  Please accept my appreciation and heart felt thanks."  President of West Coast Consulting Company

"e-Clarity provided me with a thorough report on a complex matter. The information they found was timely and factual and crucial for reaching a major decision for my organization. Their services provided discretion and insight and I highly recommend them to anyone."  Executive Director of National Association

"The information you furnished has saved us a great deal of time and legal fees.  After receiving the information you provided, we are happy to report that all will go smoothly from here on out."  Private citizen and businessman, Rockville, MD

"Thank you for the information you gathered.  It is evident that you put an extensive amount of time and effort researching this project.  We appreciate the great service."  President of International Association

"My appreciation for helping me in many ways.  Your passion towards your work has truly won my respect.  Everything you provided is comprehended and very valuable."  Telecommunications Executive

"The greatest value of my relationship with you has been the professionalism embodied in your process.  Thanks for the deep resource you provided and the way you provided a path to change and growth through information."  Director, International Logistics Company

"I would like to highlight the efforts that you made in providing extremely helpful information and teaching me new research skills.  You have also helped me immeasurably in my business growth."  Senior Sales Executive, U.S. Industrial company

If you would like the contact information for our references, please notify us by phone or email at the addresses/phone shown below.

See our Research Case Studies for more information, or contact us for a free assessment of your information needs.


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